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Engineered Oak Floorboards

Engineered oak flooring is a new and revolutionary floor. It has all the added benefits of a solid oak floor but many of the problems that may be experienced with a solid oak floor are virtually eliminated. Engineered oak floorboards are up to 75% more stable than solid oak floorboards, with shrinkage and expansion reduced to a minimum. Engineered oak flooring can also be used with under floor heating. The top surface of the engineered oak floorboard is a 6mm thick solid oak wear layer. The wear layer is pressed onto a 15mm marine grade birch plywood using a cold foaming glue. This formation ensures that the engineered floorboard is extremely stable, whilst it also gives the same feel and appearance as a solid oak floor. The manufacturing of the engineered oak flooring is to the highest of standards

Engineered oak flooring are available in:120mm,140mm,160mm,180mm,200mm and 220mm widths

The boards are up to 2.95 m in length

PRICES FROM £34.00 p/s/m

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